Tiger Gals Last Home Match of the Session

With the evenings growing longer, and the Girls Waterpolo team having another strong semester, it was their turn to have the home pool advantage against the competitors Dundee. The girls were seeking to exact revenge and it was clear from the off that the side were ready and raring to go!!

With a HUGE ‘Glasgow what is your profession?!?’ it was Moira who comfortably won the swim off to get proceedings going. With a few early goalless exchanges it was clear that the use of the right hand side of the pool of Moira Watkins, lefty Natalie Sodaro, and Alison Eadie well placed in pit that they would be able to cause the Dundonian defence a lot of problems. This came to fruition at the 6:52 mark with Natalie managing to finish off a well worked move powerfully past the keeper. One this first goal went in, Glasgow sought to capitalise, and quickly earned penalty which Eadie managed to calmly slot away. Proving to be Glasgow’s quarter, strong keeping from Alice Deans and good conversion by the Glasgow side, they saw further goals from Captain Bronagh Bogues and Fiona Kipling to see out the quarter with a 4-0 lead.

Glasgow looked to capitalise on the first quarter by coming out and keeping the pressure on Dundee. With the attack shifting to the deep end, Hannah Read managed to find a great lane down the right hand side to work the ball around the goal keeper and finish off the fast break to extend their lead.  With Fiona Kipling adding another to the tally, Glasgow were looking comfortable with a 6 goal cushion. However Dundee, who were yet to find their stride through their main Scottish women’s player Nicola Tate, did try and make a push just before the close of the half, managing to convert a penalty and another goal to go into the halftime break trailing Glasgow by 4 goals.

Glasgow came back out with the aim of clamping down on Dundee, and ensuring that the 4 goal lead remained intact. Dundee however, managed to find the gear that seemed to be lacking and started to test whether Glasgow were still ready for a fight. Dundee scored quickly, and Glasgow soon replied, but Dundee turned out to have the stronger 3 quarter seeing out the remainder of the third with 3 goals that were well worked and difficult to stop. Going into the final quarter, Dundee had cut into the Glasgow lead and only found themselves 1 goal back with the score lying at 7-6 in favour of Glasgow.

After the final change of ends, it was clear that Glasgow were not going to let this one go without a fight, and that it would require a lot of resilience. The girls were openly fired up and won the swim off comfortably, and looked to work the ball around the top to try and find a chink within the strengthened Dundee defence. After a lot of defence from both sides, Captain Bogues managed to stay composed and give Glasgow a little cushion with 4 minutes to play. This was soon followed up by a lovely fast break finish from number 7 Rachel Nicol to give Glasgow a 2 goal cushion of 9-7. Glasgow proved to stand strong and managed to grab another goal through Celtics-bound Moira Watkins to further extend the lead! Although Dundee managed to grab two goals late in the quarter, some composure from the Glasgow side, and some back and forth from Alison and Alice made sure that the time ran out and Glasgow managed to grab a well-deserved win in their last home game of the season, much to the home crowd delight!

The girls face St Andrews away today in their final league game, with St Andrews men coming to here to face our boys in their final league game also. Good luck to both teams!

Women of the Match: Alice Dean


  1. Alice Dean
  2. Moira Watkins (1)
  3. Nikki Sutcliffe
  4. Fiona Kipling (3)
  5. Hannah Read (1)
  6. Natalie Sodaro (1)
  7. Rachel Nicol (1)
  8. Caitlin Boyne
  9. Sarah Povilauskas
  10. Bronagh Bogues (2)
  11. Alison Eadie (1)
  12. Beth Hegarty
  13. Lois Steuart