League Match Report – Dundee 9th October 2013

So last Wednesday was the chance for Glasgow’s 2013/2014 Swimming team to strut their stuff in the water for the first time this season.

In a classic styley Dundee were late, but after they finally arrived things go off to an interesting start. Races kicked off with the medley relays, and it was no surprise that Glasgow Dominated both the Women’s and Men’s events ensuring a crucial lead for us.

Moving onto the individual events, first off the blocks was Vhari McClements and Rachael Morris for Team Tiger in the Women’s 100 Freestyle. It was a close race with Vhari just missing out on first to Dundee touching in 2nd place with MO (Rachael) not far behind. For the Men’s we had Luke Campbell and Sean Kelly. Luke cruised to an easy victory with Sean, still pumped from the relay, pulled it out in the last 25 to touch in 3rd place.

Next up was the 100m butterfly. For the Women we had “Secretary Jeanna Gordon” and making her debut for the team, Cara Tosh. Jeanna smashed out an impressive 1:11.25 as she annihilated the competition to touch in first place. Cara, fully motivated by her teammates, was only just behind touching in 3rd position. In the men’s race Chris Hamilton (ginge) and men’s swimming captain Andy Thomson put on an impressive show, with Chris touching first in an amazing 1:02.97 and Andy working hard throughout the race to just get touched out on the finish.

Moving onto the 100m Backstroke we had Katie James and Marie-Claire Barry (MCB). It was an intensive race at the start but after the first 25 both Katie and MCB pulled away to storm to an easy 2nd and 1st respectively. For the Men’s Mr Campbell  (Luke) was up again alongside another fresher to the team, Chris Best. Luke had to work hard to stay ahead of Dundee’s Michael Mcgovan, but managed to keep a healthy lead with his amazing underwater phase to touch in first place. Chris wasn’t too far behind to touch 3rd.

Next was the 100m breaststroke. This time for the girls we had Rachael McQueen and Women’s swimming captain Heather Winfield. Heather worked hard to secure yet another 1st place with Rachael touching in 3rd. In the Men’s category Michael Mcgarrity and Thomas Holmes both made it look all too easy, with an impressive 2nd and 3rd places.

The 200m Freestyle was the next event – always a gruelling ordeal! First up were Katie and Cara, both digging deep and pulling through the entire race they managed to stay ahead of one of the opposition and touched in 2nd and 3rd respectively. For the boys it was Chris Hamilton and Tom Raikes making his first swim of the season. It was a tough race with Chris leading off with one of the Dundee opposition while Tom, after his amazing dive, wiped the floor with the other Dundee Swimmer. It remained a close race throughout with Chris just being touched out at the end, but still with a very impressive 2:05.99, and Tom coming in not far behind in 3rd place.

After a short (very short) 5 minute break the focus moved onto the 50m events.

Starting with the 50m butterfly Vhari and Jeanna were up again with Jeanna smashing the competition to win yet another race and Vhari only just behind. Andy and Chris H made up the boys side with Andy making up for his disappointing 100m fly earlier he touched in 1st  place with Chris in 2nd only 0.4s behind his teammate.

In the 50m back we had another 1st and 2nd in both Women’s and Men’s events with Katie and MCB for the girls and Luke and Chris Best for the boys.  Woop for team Glasgow! Luke is making quite a habit of these 1st places!

In the 50m breaststroke Heather and Rachael McQueen took to the blocks to strut their stuff, with Rachael touching 2nd in a time of 38.66 and Heather 3rd in 38.91. Swimming in the men’s category was Michael and Marcus Duve with his first swim for GUSWPC. Both swam well for Glasgow.

The final 50m event was the freestyle – always a fast and furious spectacle! For the girls Cara was up yet again along with Alex (Pow Pow) Powis in her first swim of the season. It was a fast race with Cara touching in 31.53s and Pow Pow in 33.35s. For the lads we see the mighty return of Sean and Tom with Sean powering through from the very start with raw strength and an almighty first and Tom following closely behind to gain those extra points for Glasgow.

Next up was the final individual event of the evening, the 100m Individual Medley. The tireless Jeanna and Heather stepped up on the block once again for another exciting race, with Jeanna pulling through and getting Glasgow another (yes another) first place, whilst Heather held on with a strong finish. Andy and Thomas H made up the Men’s side and swam a very intensive race with Thomas powering through a very impressive breaststroke phase.

The final event of the match was the 200m Freestyle relay, always a nail-biting event. The girls swam strong, but it wasn’t quite enough and Dundee just touched them out. It seemed as though the same outcome would befall the Men with everyone so fatigued from all the previous wins, however they clawed it back with Sean powering down the final length and overtaking Dundee to finish in a firm 1stplace with a team time of 1:45.25.

That brought the close of the first league match of the season with an amazing Glasgow victory of 142 points to Dundee’s mere 114. Now all there is left to do is get dry!


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